Choosing To Surrender

Surrendering and giving up are two entirely different concepts. When you give up on something you are no longer taking action. You have now given the opposing force the power by discontinuing any interference. The problem here is when we stop actively fighting, what we are really doing is succumbing and this is where your power is taken. This is where you actually HAND it over willingly when what we truly desire is to have our voices be heard, to continue to have influence on the direction that our paths are leading. Giving up usually occurs in the presence of resistance ā€“ resistance to what is. When the resistance becomes too daunting or discouraging, we say, fuck this I give up – submitting to it with all inclusiveness. In giving up you have allowed your truth to be taken from you in defeat. You are ceasing any further action. In the battle, “YOU” are no longer a variable. Your voice has been given up in dismissal.

When you surrender you are making the conscious choice to adapt, bend and move forward with a condition or circumstance. When you surrender you are actively choosing to hold space for that energy without trying to change or modify it in any way. In this beautiful position, action and involvement are still required from you – Any and all change is coming from your acceptance and in the undertaking of it. It is giving power to the fact that you cannot control outside variables, yet you are choosing to establish your adaptation in the response of yielding.

To surrender is to empower, to give up is to lay down to defeat.

Surrendering requires faith; Faith in yourself, faith in the understanding that all is as it should be- right now in this moment. It lies in the full acceptance that certain components are unyielding; in you choosing to honor that you are not all-knowing and that life is process of learning and experiencing and tweaking. Its walking away from the microscope and adjusting your lens from time to time. It is encompassing fluidity and growth.

That being said, when I urge you to surrender I am not saying that you should give up or throw in the towel. What I am saying is: Lets make an active vow to acknowledge and in that acknowledgment, let go of the desire to adjust any outside dynamic. The power is in ourselves. When we surrender we are actively professing that the only thing requiring any type of manipulation is our perception and what lens we choose to look through.

Today, through the act of surrender, I will look through my hearts eyes instead of the anxious, stir-crazy eyes that have been in relentless combat with what is. I am choosing to honor that my environment has been adjusted and I am willing and open to continue loving and choosing to be a source of positive energy to fill this new space of mine. In my active surrender I will feel the sun on my face and listen to the quiet of my home with gratitude for the peace and stillness. I will accept love in whatever form it comes to me today; whether it be the blue sky, my partners hand on mine, the continuity of the day as well as the progression of it. I will surrender to the air I breathe along with the safety and comfort that comes from that and I will walk away from trying to alter any of these offerings bestowed upon me. With a soul full of hope and recognition for the capacity to just be, I will continue to radiate the energy that I wish to receive in this bountiful circle that is our world. I will not attempt to dig my roots too deeply anywhere; instead I will carry my heart and offer it to this new home of mine. I will cherish peace in the comfort of being and trust in the continuation of things and their flow – the way water flows over rocks, acknowledging and noting their presence, trusting in the way they will change its course.

How will you pay tribute to your voice and surrender today?

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